Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account hacked by OurMine!

After a series of celebrity Twitter handle hacks over the past few months, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, had his account compromised briefly on Saturday, a media report said. A group by the name of “OurMine” — the same group that claimed credit for compromising Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg’s and Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s […]


New Malware to exfil data from air gapped computers using fan!

When it comes to computer security, the ultimate protection is the “air gap”—a physical space between a computer and the Internet to ensure that the device is entirely isolated from the dangerous world of hacking. But while air-gapping computers is an effective way to protect them, it is not perfect. In recent years, computer security […]


Hackers can remotely disable car alarm on Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SUVs

Hackers discovered it is possible to remotely control features of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV by hacking the mobile applications designed by the car vendor. A team of experts from the UK security firm Pen Test Partners has demonstrated that it is possible to remotely control some feature of the popular SUV Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicle […]